Changing your bank account on some platforms can be a huge paid, but not with us. Here is a gif that walks you through it along with a step by step guide on how way to achieve this.

Walkthrough Gif

Step 1.

 In the top right corner select the arrow next to your company name. Then select settings in the drop down menu.

Step 2.

 Select the banking tab, next click the 'change your account via bank Login' button or the 'enter your bank details manually' link.

Step 3.( If you're manually entering your account )

*ATTENTION: be sure to double check everything you enter here.* 

Enter your bank name, account number and routing number.

After you have followed steps 1 & 2 we securely link your bank account. Once you complete their steps to connect your bank you will be good to go!

See, told you it was easy.  

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